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The "Have your Toast and Eat it Too" at BLT Steak. (Image: Courtesy BLT Steak)

Veggies in your booze? These 9 drinks prove why it's so in right now

Avocados and corn in cocktails? Think beyond fruit-forward cocktails and sweet flavors this spring with these vegetable-forward cocktails found around the area. Beets, corn, carrots – the options are plenty, and these drinks not only pack a punch, but also give vegetables the heyday they deserve.

Elote at Taqueria Del Barrio

For a boozy take on classic Mexican street corn, bartender Tom Magnanelli uses the roasted sweet corn to make an elote syrup that is blended with Ilegal Reposado Mezcal, fresh lime, tajin (a dried spice blend of chiles, lime and salt) and topped with a slice of fresh sweet corn on the cob. It’s absolutely delicious and perfect for the summer.

The Have Your Toast and Eat It Too at BLT Steak

A play on the ubiquitous and ever popular avocado toast, this is a drink made with Hendricks Gin, avocado, housemade tomato soda and -- the metaphorical cherry on top -- an everything bagel rim. BLT Steak also has additional cocktails as part of their “Drink you veggies” program, including a “What’s up Doc” that combines orange-infused Hangar 1 vodka, housemade carrot shrub, ginger beer and is topped with micro peppercress salad.

Arugula Martini at Marcel’s

Toast to your health at Marcel’s by Robert Wiedmaier where arugula is the star ingredient in this creative martini. Comprised of organic baby arugula, Nolet’s Silver dry gin, fresh lime juice, lemon, agave nectar and St. Germain, it's garnished with freshly ground black pepper and an arugula Leaf, for a refreshing, but boozy, choice.

Rock the Cash Bak at Bresca

Carrot plays the leading role in this drink, along with bourbon, cashew orgeat and turmeric syrup. Served in a highball glass with crushed ice, this is an earthy drink.

Aw, Snap at Firefly

Inspired by the spring/summer harvest from Firefly’s rooftop garden, this features sugar snap peas and herb syrup with gin and Cointreau. The snap peas, tarragon, rosemary and thyme are sourced from the roof for this veggie-inspired cocktail.

Spring Ramp Gibson at Commissary

Ramps are all over menus this spring, but you'll find them in two ways in this cocktail: ramp-infused white vermouth, Uncle Val’s restorative gin and pickled ramp bulbs.

Whats up Scotch at the Ritz Carlton’s Quadrant Bar

At the upscale Quadrant Bar and Lounge, you can try a combination of scotch, carrot and sorghum along with a spicy touch from ginger.

Gardens of Haifa at Bindaas

Sundried tomato in a cocktail? The Gardens of Haifa takes a savory turn with mezcal, sun-dried tomato, red pepper, garlic, parsley and thyme. Color me intrigued!

Subpoena at Blue Duck Tavern

This combination of chamomile whiskey, red pepper Calvados, red pepper syrup, yuzu and salt solution, garnished with a Buzz Button flower, is a mix of savory, tart and floral flavors.