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Turn wasted space in your closet into cash, while your clothes get a second life in someone else's wardrobe. (Image: Courtesy thredUP)

5 apps you can use to sell your clothes

Do you have clothes and accessories that you just never seem to wear? You can turn that wasted space in your closet into cash, while your clothes get a second life in someone else's wardrobe. It's a win-win! Here are some popular apps to sell and buy clothes secondhand.


This is one of the most well-known apps for selling clothing and accessories. You've probably seen many of your social media friends posting about their Poshmark "closet" all over your timeline.

How it works: You upload the items you'd like to sell to your virtual closet. Include pictures, a description and your selling price. The buyer pays an additional $6.95 flat rate for shipping on top of the cost of the garment. To ship, you'll be emailed a prepaid shipping label. Simply print that out, package up your item and drop it off at your post office. Once it's shipped, it'll only take a few days for the buyer to receive the item. You'll then get paid via mailed check or direct deposit into a checking account.

A cool perk: Poshmark has a cool feature called "Posh Parties" where users log in at the same time to list and buy items of a certain category. For example, I've seen "Activewear: Nike, Lululemon, Adidas & More Party" and "Best in Dresses & Skirts Party." It's a fun, fast way to sell items in your closet that fit into that category! You can also follow people's closets, including your Facebook friends.


I've personally had a lot of success on this app! Mercari makes it pretty easy to sell your stuff because it's so user-friendly, but they do take 10 percent of the profit, so keep that in mind when you set your listing price.

How it works: Upload up to eight photos of your item, describe it and set a price. You can opt to pay for shipping or have the buyer pay for shipping. If you decide to pay for shipping, Mercari will show you the rates for both USPS and FedEx shipping and you can decide what works the best for you. Potential buyers can "like" your item, so they can wait to see if the price drops, make you a counter offer or message you with any questions they have. Once they buy it, you are emailed your prepaid shipping label and you have three days to ship it. Then, you must rate the buyer and vice versa before you receive payment. Money goes into your Mercari account, which you can use for purchasing items on the app or deposit it into a checking account.

Pro-tip: I've found that paying for shipping as the seller has helped me sell my items quicker. My guess is that it's because the price the buyer first sees is the total price, so there aren't any additional cost surprises when they click on your item.


This app is pretty similar to Mercari in that it's really user-friendly and you can post your items lightening-fast!

How it works: Upload pictures of your items, fill out the description and set a price. Potential buyers can "like" it and/or leave a comment. While selling is free, the buyer pays a 5 percent service fee plus $0.75 flat rate PLUS shipping (Keep that in mind when setting your prices). Once your item is bought, you'll receive a shipping label. Download it and mail your item within 5 days. Once the buyer receives it, your money will be deposited into your Vinted wallet. You can either use that money to make purchases on Vinted or or deposit into a checking account.

Fun features: Vinted has a "bundle" feature, where you can buy several items from one buyer for a discounted rate! You can also trade items with other sellers!


I used thredUP years ago and loved it, but they've become a little stricter in the items they'll accept since then. However, it's so easy to use! Their concept is a lot different than other apps because thredUP acts as the middle man.

How it works: Have women's or children's clothes that you would like to get rid of? Order a free "Donation Clean Out Bag" from thredUP and they will mail it to you with a prepaid shipping label. Simply put the garments in the bag and mail it back. thredUP will examine your items upon receipt and either make you an offer for immediate payout if that particular item is in high demand, or they will list it for a certain price and you will get paid for your item once it sells. You can use payment to buy items in the app or cash out through PayPal or a prepaid Visa Card. Any clothes that don't make their cut will be recycled.

Keep in mind: thredUP is a lot pickier than other apps in what they will accept to sell. This is great for buyers because you know you are getting high quality garments, but sellers have to be more mindful of the condition of their garments. It's also important to note that the offer thredUP makes you will likely be lower than what you would make for the same item on another app, but you are essentially getting less money in exchange for thredUP doing the hard work of selling the item.


This app is great for buying items sold right near your neighborhood! Although this app is mostly popular for buying/selling furniture, household items, etc., I was able to sell a purse on this app within a day! So, I would recommend this app more for accessories because their clothing listings aren't as high quality as some of the other apps I've used (however, that could just be my location!)

How it works: Similar to the other apps, you upload pictures of your item to the app, choose a category and describe it. You can set your price and/or make it negotiable. Interested buyers can message you to ask questions about the item, counter offer your price, or tell you they'll take it! Once an agreement is made, the buyer and seller meet up in person to exchange the item and payment (typically in cash).

Safety first: I recommend meeting up in a public place, if possible, or at least bringing someone with you to sell your item.

Tips to make your listing stand out on these apps:

  1. Take clear photos in natural lighting. It will help give the buyer an accurate idea of the color of the garment.
  2. Show the full item in the first picture (I've seen some people even use mannequins to do this!) In subsequent photos, it may help to model the item so the buyer can see what it looks like on. Be sure to show any stitching or other details.
  3. If there are any flaws, be honest in the description and/or take a photo.
  4. Be as descriptive as possible in your item's summary or description. Go beyond what's required -- say how many times you wore it, what type of occasions you wore it for, what you originally paid for it, etc.
  5. Keep your prices reasonable and realistic. It helps to be open to negotiation.