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Erwin Gomez, celebrity makeup artist and eyebrow guru, co-founder Karma by Erwin Gomez_Kyla Jeanette photography.jpg
Erwin Gomez (Photo by Kyla Jeanette photography, courtesy of Erwin Gomez)

D.C.'s celebrity makeup guru predicts what we'll see on the Golden Globes red carpet

Erwin Gomez has worked with celebrities like Jennifer Garner, Tina Fey, America Ferrera and more, but he co-owns KARMA, a beauty lounge with locations in D.C. and Potomac. Still, Hollywood is on his mind ahead of the 76th annual Golden Globe Awards, which airs this Sunday at 8:00 p.m. EST.

Whether or not you're invested in who wins, the most eye-catching part of awards season is the red carpet. Gomez doesn't know who will be walking away with a golden statuette, but he does have some predictions on what we'll see before the ceremonies even begin.

DC Refined (DCR): What major trends are you expecting to see on the Golden Globes red carpet?

Erwin Gomez (EG): This year’s Golden Globe Awards will see a lot of what we’ve seen in the last few months with some surprising additions. Matte finishes aren’t going anywhere (even though glossy lips are on the trend horizon) and a bold matte lip stands out on the red carpet, instantly bringing color and dimension to the face. We’ll also see radiant shimmery finishes on the eyes with a surprise twist of colorful liners and shadows instead of the traditional blacks and browns. Also expect to see blues and neon to grace every different skin tone this award season.

DCR: Which stars are you most excited to see and why?

EG: I might be biased because she’s a dear client of mine, but I’m always excited to see Jennifer Garner on the red carpet. She has stunning features and she’s not afraid to switch it up, whether that’s with deep berry-hued lips or smokey lids. For this awards season, I’d love to see her focus on her full lips with bold colors paired with light, bright eyes.

DCR: Which stars, in your opinion, are more underrated in terms of their beauty or fashion choices?

EG: Constance Wu definitely comes to mind because she’s someone who very clearly enjoys fashion and glam and I think we’ll be seeing a lot more beautiful red carpet moments from her in years to come. She tends to play it safe with her makeup (which for someone as naturally pretty as her, less is really more!) but she does like to experiment with her hair which I love to see.

DCR: What looks would you like to see more of at these major awards shows?

EG: As convenient and accessible as a messy updo can seem, I’d love to see more structure and cleaner lines on the red carpet. More old Hollywood with a nod towards modernity and less frizz and flyaways.

DCR: If you could glam any of this year’s nominees, who would it be and why?

EG: Without a doubt Lady Gaga because she’s not only an icon but an artist that’s not afraid to try anything. For creatives such as myself, that kind of freedom really allows us to stretch our imagination and work together with a client to create a truly one-of-a-kind statement.