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(Image: FabFitFun Facebook page)

Is FabFitFun really worth all the hype?

Khloe Kardashian, Rachel Zoe, Amber Rose and basically anyone that was ever on the show the Bachelor/Bachelorette. All these 'celebs' have one at least one thing in common: they all have endorsed FabFitFun.

You know, those subscription boxes full of goodies and beauty swag. It's all over Instagram! Actually, I stand corrected - it's EVERYWHERE!

Real quickly, if you're the only person on the planet who doesn't know how it works (I'm not judging - I'm actually jealous), you can either purchase a one-off box for $49.99 or get an annual membership for $179.99. Each box is guaranteed over $200 in retail value, and are shipped out once per season. Products inside include full-sized products across beauty, fashion, fitness, home, tech, DIY and more (he full-sized part is a big selling point for FFF, as many other box services only send out travel or tester sizes).

Every single time I scroll past a #FabFitFunPartner hashtag (used on all posts where FFF is paying the endorser to post), I wonder if the boxes are really worth it or not. Is it as cool as they're trying SO HARD to make it look? Only one way to find out.

I took the plunge, and got the Spring Editors Box. I have to admit, the excitement of getting something in the mail was palpable. And knowing it was full of goodies, but not know what exactly was juuuuuust enough to get me pumped.

I have to say, I'm impressed!

I kind of didn't want to be, but I honestly loved almost everything inside the box. There were a couple matte finish lipsticks that weren't my jam, but I'll be re-gifting them in no time. The big wins for me were a Kate Sommerville Exfoliator (usually $75), and a Briogeo Hair Mask ($30). I personally would never spend that kind of $ for those products usually, so it was a nice treat (I included all the products in the photo gallery so you can see everything else that was included).

My guesses are that if you're a product junkie (like me), you'll love this subscription. If you know what you like but you want to branch out, this is a fair price to try some new products. It's an added bonus that you can just purchase one to start if you prefer (pssssst: it also makes for a great gift). The only downfall for me is that I totally have 'box envy'. I had no idea what I was going to get when I signed up and there were a few things that I really wanted (like the Tarte Eye-Shadow Kit) that I didn't get. I would have traded the matte lipsticks for that shadow kit any day.

So to answer the question, is FabFitFun really worth all the hype? The answer is yes, without a doubt. You're getting full size products for a $50 price tag and a $200 value. It's a win-win.