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On November 8, LOFT hosted over 100 graduating Georgetown seniors from low-income background and tried to help them bridge that gap with style. (Image: Amanda Andrade-Rhoades/ DC Refined)

From essays and late-night studying to blouses and blazers with LOFT

More than 100 female recipients of the Georgetown Scholarship Program came out to the 8th annual LOFT Styling Workshop for personal styling advice and a shopping spree. For the last eight years, the program has given young adults entering the workforce new professional wardrobes to make the transition from college to the professional world a bit easier. LOFT gives each graduating senior who is getting ready for interviews and internships a $250 gift card and access to the store when everything is 50 percent off to build their new wardrobe.

But this special night goes so far beyond a gift card and a hefty discount. LOFT flies in their best stylists, marketing experts and executives to help these young, ambitious women prepare to walk into that first interview or internship fully equipped with confidence.

DC Refined had the chance to attend a styling workshop to see for ourselves what it was like. As we stood next to a rack of beautiful skirts and a table of hors d’oeuvres and mini Georgetown cupcakes, one of the organizers called the annual event “a real-life Cinderella night" as they helped young women find the "wardrobe armour" needed to take their next life steps.

LOFT’s senior stylist Amanda Kraemer detailed the must-have pieces every career woman should have in her closet. She then showed the room of eager, ambitious women how they could give their wardrobe flair and character, before sending everyone off to shop! Kraemer helped each woman pick out clothes that would best transition her college fashions into a professional look without sacrificing personal style.

After speaking to the women in the room, I realized quickly that these were women to watch.

“I am going to be President, and she is going to be Chief Justice after I appoint her to the supreme court," said one graduating senior of her career goals.

She went on to explain that she was currently interning for a senator where the dress code was very strict so; the clothes from LOFT were exactly the wardrobe staples that she needed to add to her closet. Her friend explained she would be starting to interview soon and she felt her new purchases would have her looking her best.

Those of us who have been in the working world a few years know that making a good first impression during an interview or meeting goes a long way. Now that these graduating seniors have the clothing side of things mastered, this group of smart, hardworking women can focus solely on their work product and crushing future interviews!