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(Photo: Carmar Denim)

These extreme cut-out jeans are causing a big stir online

Jeans can come in all colors and styles. High rise, skinny, "mom jeans," boyfriend, straight leg, low rise, etc. The list could go on and on, but the most controversial style is that of the cut-out jean.

Many say it is ridiculous to pay for someone else to cut holes in a pair of jeans, and they may be right, but those people have probably never tried to cut holes in their jeans before. It's hard to get the holes and rips just right.

The cut-out jeans style has evolved over the years and the holes seem to get bigger and bigger every year. One designer seems to have pushed it to the absolute edge. LA-based Carmar Denim has come out with a pair of jeans that are literally hanging on by a thread. There isn't even enough fabric to cover your crotch or butt. It's as if the designer took inspiration from an untouched coloring book, leaving just the outline of the jeans and you get to fill it in however you want. IF you even want to. Don't worry, you still have full pockets.

The BEST part? They're $168 (122).

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Many have criticized them online.:

"These are hideous!," @kamokim34 said.

"I’m sorry, when you said 95% off I thought you meant price, please cancel my order," @wnichols added.

"Inspired by the leg braces of Forrest Gump," @kurtisdraven said.

However, there was one person who seemed to have liked them:

"These jeans are my favvv?? LF has such a creative eye," @laurennwhite_ said.

At the end of the day, to each their own. How would you wear these jeans?