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We tried a facial claiming to be boot camp for your face

You can go to yoga, barre and spin all you want, but the hardest muscles to work out are probably the ones in your face. Fortunately, there’s a new facial on the market that claims to be boot camp for your face.

The NUFace Facial Toning Treatment, which is offered by Vida Fitness’ Aura Spa, uses micro-currents to stimulate your face muscles. The idea is that the electrical currents will tighten your face muscles, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. However, NUFace has benefits even if you’re not battling wrinkles just yet - it’s customizable to address your individual skin concerns.

The facial starts with a de-greasing cleanser and a primer. The primer varies from person to person; for my facial, spa manager and esthetician Amparo Penaranda, who works at Aura Spa's U Street location, selected a 24kt gold primer. The gold is a key ingredient - it promotes blood circulation, detoxes your skin and brings down inflammation. However, clients with drier skin may opt for a primer that’s heavy on hyaluronic acid, a humectant that acts like a conductor for the electrical currents.

After your skin is primed, the fun begins. The esthetician glides a roller ball that emits micro-currents over your face, starting from the chin and pulling towards the hairline. The motion pulls fluids away from the face and the electrical currents contour your face muscles. The same treatment is applied all over your face, including the eyes and lips.

Although the treatment is meant to reduce fine lines, it tightens your face muscles enough to chisel your cheekbones and jawline. By stimulating and strengthening the facial muscles, Penaranda says you can also stave off wrinkles. The idea of sending electricity into your face may seem intimidating, but in five treatments my cheek muscles only painlessly twitched a couple of times during the facial.

From there, the esthetician can use an LED light to infuse serums into your skin, which will enhance your results. Hyaluronic acid is a popular option, but Penaranda notes that Aura Spa offers more customizable options, including G.M. Collins’ photo white serum, which can be used to treat Melasma and acne scars.

For optimal results, Penaranda recommends treatments once every couple of weeks - Aura Spa offers a package of six facial treatments for $540. However, I noticed my skin was glowing a few hours after the facial and my jaw line seemed tighter - making this the perfect facial for the morning before a special event.

I’m not currently dealing with wrinkles, I noticed a huge difference around my eyes immediately after every facial. By using a micro-current roller to drain the fluids underneath my eyes, the NUFace made it look like I’d gotten a good night’s sleep in the world’s most comfortable bed.