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Arm yourself with a car full of delicious guilt-free snacks and your next road trip won't derail your diet. (Amanda Shapin)

10 guilt-free snacks to take on your next road trip

When you think long road trip, you might envision late night stops to pick up greasy fries and a caffeine-packed soft drink to stay awake along the journey. Fast-food joints and processed snacks from the gas station are one way to go, but they aren't your only options! Arm yourself with a car full of delicious guilt-free snacks and your next road trip won't derail your diet.

Ready to hit the open road and feel good while doing it? Here are the tips to keep you on track, plus the must-have snacks to keep you satisfied on even the longest road trips.

Plan Ahead:

Just like you pack your duffel bag, pack your snacks! Always pack more snacks than you think you’ll need, you never know when a traffic jam will keep you in the car longer than expected. By packing healthy snacks at home, you won’t have to depend on less-than-ideal gas station picks or desperate fast food pullovers.

Eat & Drink Clean(ish):

We’re not suggesting pack a bag of raw vegetables, but think about the food you’re putting in your body as you drive. Super salty snacks will lead to thirst (and more bathroom stops) and sugary treats will give you an energy high, followed by a sugar crash, not ideal for the driver. As for beverages, sip water to stay clear-headed and hydrated.

Save Your Indulgences:

If you’re headed on vacation, there’s probably some pretty delicious food ahead of you. Why waste calories on packaged and processed snacks on the way. Not worth it! If you get a craving on the road, think about the restaurants and meals you're excited for at your destination and keep yourself on a healthy track while in the car.

Beware of Boredom Eating:

When we’re bored, we tend to mindlessly eat. And when you’re driving for endless hours, you're likely to battle a little boredom. Before you dig into snacks, ask yourself if you’re hungry or just antsy. If you’re not actually hungry, think of a way to occupy yourself that doesn’t involve chowing down. Play the tried and true license plate game (trying to get all 50 states), listen to a book on tape, or do some googling as you pass through towns to read about the history and fun facts of where you’re journeying through.

Now that you know how to keep healthy habits on the road, here are the snacks to pack to keep energy and spirits high, all while ensuring your healthy habits stay in check.

  • KRAVE Jerky: A much healthier (& tastier!) take on your favorite gas station guilty pleasure.
  • Bare Snacks Apple Chips: These simple snacks are the perfect way to get your fruit fix in the car. The apple chips are literally just apples, nothing added and still so delicious.
  • Larabars: With tons of flavors to choose from, each bar has 9 or fewer ingredients and only tastes like you're indulging.
  • Health Warrior Bars: These little chia bars only contain 100 calories but thanks to the superfood ingredient, they will keep you feeling satisfied.
  • Dang Coconut Chips: The name says it all, dang these are good! These tiny coconut slices are a guilt-free crispy snack that you can feel good about.
  • Clif Organic Energy Food: While this pouch was developed for endurance athletes, long car rides can sometimes feel like an endurance sport too. Drivers tackling long hours can snack on this oatmeal for sustained energy.
  • Coco Roons: All the delight of a cookie, none of the added sugar. These bites are sweetened with organic maple syrup and are oh-so-tasty.
  • Justin's Almond Butter: Grab a single serve pouch of these nut butters for a snack packed with healthy fats.
  • Trader Joe's Plantain Chips: If you're craving a salty fix, these are a must. Just as good as potato chips (dare we say, better?), with half the fat.
  • Make Your Own Trail Mix: Grab your favorite treats and toss them in a mason jar for easy snacking. Many store-bought trail mixes have unnecessary added sugars and additives, so make your own and know exactly what you're getting with each bite (recommended ingredients: goji berries, raw nuts, Enjoy Life chocolate chips)