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This workout works for both at the gym and outside, no equipment required. (Image: Amanda Shapin)

DC Refined x ShapinUp: 25-minute pyramid workout

If you're short on time, you can still get a solid workout done that will challenge you with both cardio and strength work. This month's pyramid workout is simple to follow, can be done at the gym or outside, and will take you right around 25 minutes to complete.

A pyramid workout means you're starting with the "easier" work (shorter runs times and fewer repetitions) and you will work your way up to the top of the pyramid. The top is the most challenging portion of the workout with the longest run time and the most repetitions. You'll then work your way back down the pyramid.

This workout starts with the short run time of three minutes, then you'll stop and do 10 squats and 5 push ups, then will continue on to the longer run times and increased reps. Once done, you'll have run for 19 minutes and will have completed 60 squats and 30 push ups.

A Couple of Tips for this Workout:

  • No equipment is required so feel free to do this at the gym or outside. If in a gym, run on the treadmill and find space nearby to complete the body weight work so you don't waste time between sets. If outside, a park is ideal.
  • If you're looking for a challenge with squats, switch some to jump squats.
  • For those newer to push ups, either do them on an incline (with your hands placed on a bench for example), or drop to your knees. For push-up pros, do them on a decline (with your toes on a bench).
  • Stay in the rhythm and don't take too much recovery time between each section of the workout. If you need a breather, take up to 60 seconds between the run and strength work, but if you're feeling good, no recovery time is required.
  • Not a runner? That's okay too! Instead of running you can walk, walk on an incline, or do the stairs for the suggested time lengths.

Pyramid routines are a fun way to keep your workouts interesting. You can apply this template to other types of work you're doing at the gym or outside.

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