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If you're outside for this workout, use a park bench for your tricep dips. (Image: Andrea Kay Images)


DC Refined x ShapinUp: Full-body HIIT workout

Summer is heating up, so depending on the temps and humidity, this workout is perfect for indoors (all you need is a yoga mat and a treadmill), or for outside (use a grassy spot for ab work and run outside, no equipment required).

Giving you a little taste of everything, this workout targets the entire body with moves like squats and push ups, but will get your heart rate racing with each set ending with a 60-second all-out sprint. All-out means go as fast as you can, especially since you'll get 60 seconds to rest after each sprint. Repeat the circuit five times. Keep track of your distance during the 60 second sprint. If you're on a treadmill, note the distance each round. If you're running outside simply see how far you make it. Each round try to gain a little distance, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

Good luck with the workout and cheers to another strong month of fitness!

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