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As you get stronger and faster, this workout can adapt to challenge you along the way.

DC Refined x ShapinUp: Getting Up to Speed Workout

Happy New Year! If your goals for 2019 include getting fitter, faster, and feeling like your best self, this workout may be what you're looking for to jump start your new year.

This workout is designed to ease you into a running routine. If you're new to running or just took a long break over the holidays, this walk-jog-sprint style workout gives you ample recovery opportunities while still challenging you to up your speeds. Not sure how hard you should push in this workout? Here is a quick guide:

  • Walk: This is your "recovery pace" and you should be able to have a conversation at this pace.
  • Jog: Here is where you pick up the pace. You should still be able to complete a sentence, but having a full conversation would be hard and would leave you a bit out of breath.
  • Sprint: This should be the fastest speed you are capable of for 30 seconds. Sprint is a vague word and should be your top speed, don't worry about how fast or slow it is compared with other runners. You should not be able to complete a full sentence at this pace and you should feel uncomfortable during these 30 seconds.

After you complete the running section, take about two minutes to catch your breath and then it's time for a quick core section. The workout concludes with six minutes of ab work to ensure you keep a strong core, which is key for good running form!

Today's workout can be done on the treadmill, outside, or even on a track. Once you've mastered the run-jog-sprint routine, you can (and should) make this more challenging.

As you get stronger week-by-week, you can adjust the routine so that you're continued to feel the challenge. If this workout begins to feel easy, swap out the interval times so that you walk for one minute, jog for two minutes and still sprint for 30 seconds. If you get to a point where you can totally remove the walk, remove it! Instead, jog for three minutes and sprint for 30 seconds.

Happy running in the new year!