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After each jump section, drop your rope and complete the body weight moves before returning to the next round of jumping. (Image: Andrea Kay Images)

DC Refined x ShapinUp: Jump rope sculpt & sweat workout

We're back with another ShapinUp workout, this time using a simple and favorite calorie torching piece of equipment: the jump rope. Jumping rope may take you back to elementary gym class, but don't discount this super effective workout style. Jump rope can burn quick calories, and with proper form, it will sculpt your shoulders, chest, arms and legs. Plus, standard jump ropes cost less than $10 and are an easy item to pack if you're working out on the road.

If you haven't jumped rope in a few years, not to worry. This workout will get you back in jumping form in no time.

Before we start, let's review some of the basics for proper jump rope form:

  • Jump about two inches off of the floor to avoid stepping up on the rope.
  • Keep your elbows tight to your sides.
  • Jump rope length is important. Step one foot in the center of the rope and pull the handles up towards your armpits. The handle bars should reach just to your armpits. If the rope is too long, tie knots below the handles until the fit is just right.
  • For double unders, you want to turn the rope super fast and jump extra high. Your aim is to pass the rope beneath your feet two times before your feet touch the ground. These can be challenging and exhausting so expect to practice a decent amount in order to nail this move.

And now onto the workout. Grab a jump rope and get ready to swing up a sweat.

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