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Welcome to MADabolic, an intense interval training workout designed entirely around work-to-rest ratios. (Amanda Andrade-Rhoades/ DC Refined)

Do you have what it takes to get MAD(abolic)?

Welcome to a world where slide boards are your worst enemy and skiing indoors is a thing. Welcome to MADabolic, an intense interval training workout designed entirely around work-to-rest ratios.

MADabolic will officially open in Arlington on Monday, September 5, but they let D.C. Refined in for a private workout before anyone else; let's just say, the workout has our seal of approval!

As I've said before in my many other workout reviews, I've tried a lot of gyms and even though they all say they are different, a lot of them are very similar, except MADabolic.

"Everything is based on work-to-rest ratios, which is kind of our key differentiator," said Corbin Jennings, owner of MADabolic Arlington. "It is interval training, but we truly have those rest periods where a lot of other gyms just have a high temp and low temp."

To break it down for you, there are three different categories of work-to-rest ratios: (M.A.D)

Momentum: The movements in this category feed off one another and are designed to promote athleticism. The primary goal of a momentum-based interval is to maintain an athletic pace that will allow for a gradual build in intensity from cycle to cycle.

Anaerobic: Speed and power are the number one priority of all anaerobic-themed intervals. Although this intensity is unique to each individual, this pace should not be comfortable. This is a max effort. This is your race pace.

Durability: All durability-driven intervals are mentally grueling and performed at an intentionally slower pace. Each client's ultimate challenge is to maintain proper mechanics while working through longer sustained efforts.

Each day you will focus on one of the three different categories. "There will never be the same movements on an anaerobic day that you would do on a durability day," said lead trainer, Elly Montague. "There are certain movements where it just doesn't make sense to train your body that way for five minutes."

Before you start your workout, you test out the weights to feel which weight is right for you. MADabolic works on a color system -- white is the lightest weight, teal is medium-light, gray is medium-heavy, and black is the heaviest weight.

"I'll go through the workout, tell you everything you're going to do, show you everything you are going to do. Then you get three to four minutes to test your weights," added Montague.

During my class, we did a momentum workout. We cycled through the slide boards, ball slams, boxing, battle ropes, and the skiers three times, each time gradually building our pace. We worked at each station for two rounds of 40 seconds with a 20-second break in between each.

Our first cycle, we were told to give 80 percent, the second cycle was 85 percent and the third cycle is all out -- between 90 and 100 percent. "Momentum intervals tend to be the sweatiest intervals," said Montague. "It is long enough to hurt, but short enough where you can go hard. Then, you get very little rest and you keep going."

And it sure did hurt, but not in a bad way! I felt like I was working hard and doing my movements right with a few corrections from the trainer. When I felt my back curving or my body slouching, the trainer was right there to make sure I reset myself and didn't get injured.

This class is not about calorie burn, heart rate monitoring or picking up the heaviest weights possible as many times as possible, MADabolic is about making sure your form is right and that you are getting the most out of your workout without all the gimmicks. "You won't see in our marketing material 'burn a ton of calories' because we are much more into training you like an athlete," said Jennings. "It is all about form to us, we don't talk about calorie burn because, in my opinion, your workout shouldn't be based on that. If you are looking to lose weight, you should be watching what you are eating in the kitchen."

MADabolic will have a week of free workouts starting Monday, September 5. Click here to sign up.