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Fall presents the ideal running weather, so make use of it with this interval run routine. (Image: Courtesy Amanda Shapin)

DC Refined x ShapinUp: Fall pyramid run routine

Fall is a beautiful season for apple picking, foliage hikes and also for running. With crisp temperatures and colorful scenery to see along the way, it's the ideal time to hop off the treadmill and take your run outside.

Instead of your standard steady-pace jog, this workout is designed to up your heart rate and increase your speeds. The routine shifts between slower recovery speeds, faster bursts and all out sprints. Interval runs are said to burn more calories in a shorter period of time and will help to increase your overall speed and endurance.

This pyramid run routine starts with increasing your speed for 30 seconds at a time, then goes up to 45 seconds, then the peak is at your 60 second speed intervals. At the top of the pyramid you have a 2 minute recovery jog or walk before you head down the pyramid, working your way back to the 30 second speed intervals. Your "fast speed" should be uncomfortable but not completely winding. You should be slightly out of breath but able to easily transition into a jog or walk. Your "full out sprint" should take that one level harder, really pushing your limits. For your recovery jog or walk, do whatever feels most comfortable to you, allowing your heart rate to return closer to normal and allowing the necessary recovery before your next speed interval.

Including warm up and cool down, this run will take you 27 minutes to complete. Explore a new route in your neighborhood, check out Rock Creek Park or take in the sights on a run around the mall.

Happy Fall Running!

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