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Imagine my surprise when I turned to my right during my first SoulCycle class to find I was sitting next to the First Lady! (Image: Courtesy BrandLinkDC)

How I met Michelle Obama in my first SoulCycle class

Sunday, April 24 was one of the absolute coolest days of my life! It marks the day I sweated it out in my first ever SoulCycle ride sitting beside... wait for it... Michelle Obama! PS ... We high-fived. Twice.

People who know me know that I love the First Lady. I think she's personable, funny, fashionable, and I wish every day I could have arms toned like hers. Alas, we can't have everything we wish for. Anyways, to say the least, I was ecstatic when I showed up to a private SoulCycle ride and there was Secret Service everywhere; I thought, "this is my chance to meet her!"

I have always been an avid spinner, but had never experienced SoulCycle. I had heard great things and knew I would eventually get around to trying it. But I was nervous. SoulCycle has a cult like following and I was not yet one of the initiated. I didn't want to seem like the newbie, so when Secret Service let me in the studio, I grabbed my shoes, put my stuff in a locker and headed straight to the room where the class was being held.

If you have ever done SoulCycle, you know how dark the room is and you just kind of hope you don't trip on something or run into somebody. I knew I didn't want to be in the front row, so I headed towards the middle of the room into a row that wasn't the first one, hoping to just blend in. I timidly raised my hand for an instructor to come help me get settled on my bike and then it was time to get started.

With the music pumping the instructor tells all the riders to give their neighbors a high-five... I turn to my right to high-five my neighbor and holy sh*t I realize that I had sat down right next to Michelle Obama. I play it cool though, thinking in my head "okay ... maybe I'm mistaken. No way is she sitting right next to me." I sneak peeks throughout class, trying to figure out if this is really happening. Is the First Lady actually sitting next to me and did I reallyjust high-five her?

I look at her face again -- sure looks like her; I look at her arms and then there was no mistaking it -- I was sitting next to, in my opinion, one of the most inspirational women in the world.

At that point, I knew I couldn't slack off. I had to impress the First Lady and not be the girl who couldn't keep up. I cycled my little heart out that day.

The class came to an end and again we were told to high-five our neighbors. Let's just say I was more than happy to high-five my neighbor, and in my mind, my new friend Michelle. I mean ... we bumped elbows a few times, I'm pretty sure that means we are besties. Then, Secret Service pushed me out of the way when she was leaving the studio and I sadly accepted Michelle Obama will never be my friend. But I will forever tell the story of how I met and high-fived (twice!) Michelle Obama at my very first SoulCycle class.