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I drank nothing but juice for 3 days and here's what happened (Amanda Andrade-Rhoades)

I drank nothing but juice for 3 days and here's what happened

I enjoy food. I enjoy chewing, and crunching and chomping on delicious food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I do not enjoy drinking juice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I mean, I wouldn't mind a glass of juice with my eggs and bacon, but JUST juice with no eggs and no bacon? Pass.

So, when I reluctantly agreed to do a juice cleanse, I knew it would be a huge challenge for me. I did my research, found out it is possible to survive on only juice for three days, and before I could change my mind, ordered a three-day beginner reboot from JRINK. The locally owned juice bar makes fresh juices with quality ingredients, and no added sugars or preservatives.

JRINK's website says some benefits JRINKers have noticed from the reboots are increased mental clarity and energy, organ and tissue cleansing and weight management, but they do make it clear that the best results come with prolonged healthy habits.

The three-day beginner reboot comes with 18 juices -- six per day.

  1. Fuel me up: Kale, romaine, pear, cucumber, lemon
  2. Wake me up: Orange, carrot, grapefruit, ginger
  3. Clean me up: Lemon, cayenne, jalapeno, pineapple, grapefruit
  4. Fuel me up: (repeated)
  5. Pick me up: Beet, carrot, apple, orange
  6. Build me up: Organic raw almonds, cinnamon, vanilla bean, dates, filtered water


9 a.m.: I go pick up my juices, head straight to work and start sipping on my first Fuel Me Up juice and I am pleasantly surprised to find it's not bad! All the flavors mixed well, leaving me excited to try the other juices.

11 a.m.: This is the time I normally start thinking about what I'm going to have for lunch, but not today! It was already time for my second juice! Wake Me Up was my favorite of all six juices. It was very refreshing and went down easy -- kind of like drinking a healthy glass of orange juice, without all the sugar.

12 p.m. - 2 p.m.: I must've used the restroom about 50 times. Tip: If you decide to do a juice cleanse, have easy access to a bathroom! I was told if I feel hungry to drink lots of water and if I need to eat something, then eat something that is an ingredient in the juice; I opted to just drink water in between juices.

2 p.m.: Time for yet another juice, and to be honest, Clean Me Up was probably the hardest one to get down. It was spicy and burned the entire way down my esophagus, like drinking jalapeno juice -- I couldn't finish it.

4 p.m.: At this point, I was still going strong; I wasn't craving solid food yet (cravings came on day two). I drank my second Fuel Me Up and continued on with my day.

6 p.m.: Many more bathroom breaks later, it was time for my fifth juice. It was a good time for a Pick Me Up because I was getting home from work and trying to get the energy to workout.

8 p.m.: It would've been time for my final juice, Build Me Up, but I never got to it. I was so full from all my juices and couldn't possibly put another one in my body at 8 p.m. I told myself I would start my first juice earlier on Tuesday so I could finish them earlier in the evening.


7 a.m.: The day started easy. I woke up, drank my juice and continued about my morning routine like any other day.

8 a.m.: Sped to work, because I thought I was going to pee my pants.

9 a.m.: Time for juice number two -- still feeling good!

11 a.m.: I try again with Clean Me Up, but am still not a fan.

12 p.m. - 2 p.m.: Pee break, pee break, pee break... Also craving a PB&J at this point.

2 p.m.: Reluctantly drink another juice.

4 p.m.: ...and another. This is starting to get rough.

6 p.m.: I actually made it to the last juice at a reasonable hour and was rewarded -- Build me up is delicious! I found it be like an iced chai latte, which happens to be my Sbux drink of choice.

9 p.m.: I get in bed and feel a little grumbling in my tummy, so I drink more water and hit the sack.


By day three, I'm a pro, and Wednesday goes a lot like the previous two days. A lot of jrinking and an insane amount of restroom breaks.

I finished my third day strong but unfortunately did not feel any significant difference energy wise than before the reboot. One thing I did notice was my system definitely cleaned itself out (we're talking all the colors of the rainbow, if you know what I mean). I had a flat belly and didn't feel any bloating, which is probably the best feeling in the world!

One thing I must note is that I did not do this cleanse to lose weight, so I didn't weigh myself before or after the cleanse. JRINK does not recommend drinking juice just for weight loss. Their juices are meant to "reset the mind after days/weeks of eating junk due to stress and sheer craze of life." For more info on Jrink and cleanses, visit their website.