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Floating can offer relief for a variety of people, especially those experiencing high levels of stress, athletes, those with medical conditions in search of pain relief, expecting moms (second and third trimester only) and those that suffer from insomnia. (Image: Courtesy Soulex)

4 unique wellness experiences to explore in D.C.

When you think of the wellness scene in D.C., you may think of the countless boutique workout studios, high-end gyms, and juice bars. Wellness goes way beyond these offerings and if you dig a little deeper, there are a variety of unique wellness experiences to explore throughout the DMV. With everything from cryotherapy to float tanks to meditation studios, read on to learn more about the unique wellness experiences worth visiting when you need to practice a little self-care.

Meditation Classes at Take 5 Meditation

Are you feeling overscheduled and overcommitted with a stressful daily schedule? Meditation might be the right fit for you. Regular mediation practice can help lower stress and anxiety, leading to lower blood pressure, improved sleep and better general physical and emotional wellness. While you can meditate at home, there are now opportunities to attend guided meditation classes at studios like Take Five Meditation located in the heart of Dupont Circle. Meditating at a studio allows you to join a community and grow your practice with help of a dedicated staff.

Sessions at Take Five Meditation are 30-45 minutes with special classes ranging from 60-90 minutes. First time visitors can enjoy their first class for $15 and if you sign up for additional classes during the first visit, that $15 will be credited towards your next purchase. Classes range from $20-$30 for drop-ins with multiple packages available.

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Floating at Soulex

Experience weightless bliss via floating at Soulex, D.C.’s first float spa. Floating can offer relief for a variety of people, especially those experiencing high levels of stress, athletes, those with medical conditions in search of pain relief, expecting moms (second and third trimester only) and those that suffer from insomnia. Soulex Float Spa offers float tanks or an open float room. If you’re anxious about claustrophobia in the tanks, start with the open float, which is more like floating in a small pool (also great for partner floats). Sessions range from 30 minute express sessions up to two hours (the 60 minute float is the recommended duration).

During the session you’ll be floating, completely weightless, surrounded by water containing 1,000 pounds of epsom salt. The water will match your body temperature and the room welcomes you with calming music and lighting, which eventually dims as you get deeper into your session; you can keep the lights and music on if you prefer, or you can customize it with your own music or guided meditation. This zero gravity sensory deprivation experience has helped clients with pain alleviation and stress reduction. Soulex says you should "come in with no expectations as everyone will have a different experience," Floats range from $45-$175 with packages available for purchase.

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Cryotherapy at DistrictCryo

Cryotherapy touts that it can make your aches and pains temporarily disappear in three minutes. The service is ideal for a wide range of clients, from those suffering from autoimmune diseases to professional athletes. The main benefits of cryotherapy include temporary pain relief and inflammation reduction in major and minor joints. While temporary, the relief can last anywhere from a day to seven days. With regular visits you may experience increased energy, positive moods and better sleep.

DistrictCryo, with locations in Mt Vernon, Alexandria and Georgetown (coming soon), offers three-minute cryotherapy sessions. Once you’re ready for your appointment and have spoken with the staff about what to expect in your experience, you’ll put on a robe, special gloves, socks and shoes and step into the tank. During the first 90 seconds you’ll become numb in your legs and feel a tingling sensation in your skin and upper body. After those 90 seconds you are numb and won’t feel anything. While the temperature during the session is extremely cold, you won’t feel it due to the numbness. When you step out there is a huge flushing sensation of blood returning to your extremities and a feeling of calmness with the joys of no pain. After you’re done, you’re free to go about your day. New clients can take advantage of their first two sessions for $69.

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IV Hydrate Me Now

Typically IV drips are associated with illness, but HydrateMeNow is all about wellness. IV drip therapy delivers nutrients, vitamins and medications to the body to make you feel your best, faster. Supplements are administered directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system and making nutrients available for immediate use. This accelerates the effectiveness of treatments and ensures maximum effect with minimal waste.

The IV hydration experience takes around 30-40 minutes and serves a range of people including those experiencing exhaustion, a hangover, those working to recover from a grueling event (like a triathlon) or simply wanting to increase vitamin, mineral and amino acid intake. HydrateMeNow's mission is to help patients reach their optimal physical and mental health goals, by alleviating the cumulative effects of dehydration as quickly as possible. Choose from a variety of offerings, like Energy+Balance+Focus, Pre-Performance, Energy, Relaxation and more. HydrateMeNow comes to you to administer services in the D.C. area.

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