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With the perfect spa-inspired master bath, you wont even need to head to the hotel spa - you will have one to enjoy everyday in your own home! (Image: Ashley Hafstead)

Create a spa-like atmosphere in your master bath in 5 steps

With soothing tones, calming smells and attention to detail, it's clear that a spa is designed to be a relaxing refuge and a place to melt away the stress of life. Unfortunately, most of us can’t afford to indulge in a spa session daily. Which is why I’ve tried to create my own in-home spa experience. Here are five simple tips to help you bring that spa experience home into your master bath.


Color plays a major role in our moods. Reds, yellows and oranges are invigorating colors and stimulate the senses, so I would actually suggest against those colors. Instead, think creamy whites, tans, grays, soft blues and subtle greens. Using a subdued color palette will help you achieve that oasis feeling.


Linens are a very important part of any bathroom experience, and this is were you should treat yourself and splurge. Invest in plush and overly soft towels, as there is nothing more luxurious than stepping out of the shower or bath and enveloping yourself in what feels like a cloud. Make sure to have a luxurious robe at the ready as well. To make the space feel more spa-like, attach a hook to the wall (or the back of your door) and place your robe on a wooden hanger on the hook.


Replace all your mismatched shampoo, conditioner and soap bottles with matching refillable containers (to identify each container, simply label “shampoo” etc. on the bottom of the container with a sharpie) and line up each refillable container in the order you usually would wash. For example, the left bottle is always body wash, the middle is shampoo and the right bottle is conditioner. This simple fix helps to declutter your shower and give it that spa feel. Finally, opt for luffas and natural sponges instead of wash clothes, as they are both beautiful and functional.


Whenever you walk into a nice spa, there is always a subtle calming smell. Incorporate scents such as sage, eucalyptus, lavender or sandalwood into your space. Place scented candles, or misting spray, strategically throughout your bathroom.


Keep the decor minimal and paired down -- spas are never cluttered. Follow their inspiration and think zen thoughts when choosing the final details to decorate the space. Choose usable items to transform the space -- a vessel with bath salts, beautiful soaps stacked in a bowl, rolled towels and luffas all work. Place a basket on the back of your toilet to hold extra toilet paper rolls, bathroom spray, etc. Last but certainly not least, don’t forget about your trash cans: find a beautiful sculptural vessel or basket that looks like art itself!

With the perfect spa-inspired master bath, you wont even need to head to the hotel spa - you will have one to enjoy everyday in your own home!