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Buying a house is exciting business! Of course, it's a long road from closing day to making your house feel like a home. But with a little pre-planning, some takeout, a great movie, some bubbly and a few throw pillows, you can make your first night in your new home a truly memorable experience you'll never forget -- even though there's still no bed! (Image: Ashley Hafstead)

How to create a memorable first night in your new home

Moving into a new place is exciting. Now imagine taking that excitement and multiplying it by 1000 -- maybe then you can understand how over the moon excited I was when my hubby and I closed on our very first home! Whenever I move into a new place, I always love ordering take out and sleeping on an air mattress to break in the empty space. Since this is our very first home, I really wanted to go all out. With these simple tips and tricks, you too can create an over the top “empty house” sleepover that will make you forget you don’t have you bed!


  • First and foremost make sure to start with a luxurious air mattress. Let’s face it, “camping out” is cute until you're sleeping on a hard wood floor. You deserve to be comfy, so don’t skimp on a great air mattress!


  • Layer multiple blankets! By incorporating different textures, you will create a luxurious oasis that will have you forgetting that you are on the floor.
  • Top it all off with all of the throw pillows -- the more the better. These will become your headboard and will make the space feel luxurious. As an added bonus, they look oh so pretty!
  • Candles make everything better, so make sure to bring lots, and don’t forget a lighter!


  • Bring a small table or tray that will play double duty as an in-bed dining table.
  • Don’t forget sheets, actual sleeping pillows and a comfy duvet.
  • Celebrate with a fabulous bottle of something. Whether you toast with a lovely bottle of champagne, a yummy and robust pinot noir, or a top-shelf bottle of whiskey, you definitely want to break out the good stuff for first night in your new home! Make sure to remember a few glasses and a corkscrew!
  • Include a basic toiletry kit. Think of the hotel basics (shampoo, conditioner, bath gel) and then your own personal items (tooth brush, deodorant etc.). And don’t forget to bring towels for after your first shower.
  • Bring something to watch a movie on. After your take-out arrives, snuggle in to watch your favorite binge-worthy TV show or that new flick you have been wanting to see. Don’t forget you probably wont have internet so make sure they are downloaded on your device! And don’t forget some yummy popcorn to enjoy while watching your movie or TV show.
  • Chargers -- computer, apple watch, phone. There are so many to keep up with and you want to make sure everything has power.

This will be a night that you soon won’t forget. With these basic tips, you will transform a bare room into a memorable comfy oasis in your new space. Make sure to take a moment and let it sink in: this home is now all yours! So CONGRATS and enjoy your first night in your new place!

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