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The weather might not be screaming spring just yet, but at least the cherry blossoms have finally hit peak bloom and are giving us all the warm fuzzy feels! (Image: Ashley Hafstead)

How to host a romantic cherry blossom-inspired brunch for two

The weather might not be screaming spring just yet, but at least the cherry blossoms have finally hit peak bloom and are giving us all the warm fuzzy feels! To honor this seasonal rite of passage, I wanted to share one of my favorite traditions for blossom season: cooking up a romantic cherry blossom-themed brunch for two at home.

After brunch, my husband and I head down to the Tidal Basin and pack a light picnic to enjoy as we relax under the sea of blossoms. Picnicking under the blossoming trees is so romantic, and if you find just the right spot, you won't have to battle too many people.

The most important element to make this a cherry blossom themed brunch are the actual cherry blossoms, duh! You can find them at local grocery stores such as Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. Also, check your local florist (I love using Flowers on 14th) as most local florists can order and deliver whatever you need straight to your door.

Use an oversized vase to give the blossoms room to breath and make sure to reserve a few blooms to adorn your drinks -- don’t worry cherry blossoms are edible.

Think of soft colors inspired by spring such as pinks, whites, creams and robin-egg blue. A tablecloth and linen napkins are all you will need.

Make this brunch pop with bold textures, colors and pattern mixing. When pattern mixing, there are a few simple rules to abide by. First, simplify the play on pattern by keeping the pieces within the same color family. Second, mix a larger pattern with a smaller pattern; avoid mixing two small patterns together or two large patterns together as they will compete with one another.

Start with a charger, add a standard dinner plate and then top it off with a small saucer for either your soft boiled egg to sit on, or for fruit.

This is also about mixing and matching. Opt for stemless champagne flutes to add a playful touch and use wine glasses for fresh squeezed juice.

Metals are still all the rage and gold flatware is what brunch dreams are made of. It also helps to pull in the gold details of the glassware and plates -- it is important to have color repetition to make a tablescape feel cohesive.

The Food
I always make homemade buttermilk pancakes with soft boiled eggs, fresh fruit and bacon -- simple and easy. But you can make whatever you like as the the food takes a back seat. It is really the table decor that elevates this romantic brunch.

Fun tip: use shot glasses to hold your soft boiled eggs.

After brunch, put together a few small charcuterie plates with your favorite meats, cheeses, fruit and crackers. Add your favorite libation to the mix, stick plates, glasses, utensils and napkins in a basket, grab a picnic blanket big enough for two, and head to the Tidal Basin. Fight the crowds, find a spot off the path, sit back, people watch and enjoy!