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You can change up the styling of your couch each season with little to no effort or expense. (Image: Ashley Hafstead)

Refresh your house vibe seasonally by styling the couch

You know how you have your favorite dresses that you wear all the time, but change up the look with your shoes and accessories to make it feel different and new? Treat your couch the same way! You can change up the styling of your couch each season with little to no effort or expense. Rotating pillows and throw blankets seasonally (or even just twice a year) is a great design opportunity that will make you feel like you have a brand new space to enjoy. When you think of how to style your couch for each season, think of it like how you would dress for summer, fall. winter and spring.


Summer is the perfect time to commit to a bit of color and bold pattern. For those who are perhaps intimidated by bold colors, adding some bold accents to your couch is the perfect way to experiment. Pillows and throws are an inexpensive way to add a bit of fun for summer. By incorporating a pop of color and pattern, you will open up your space and make it feel bigger and brighter.


To transition into fall and save a bit of money, layer a cozy wool blanket with a few toned down pillows or throws with your brighter summer pillows. You can add interest through incorporating different textures with the pieces you choose and it will also make your space feel more cozy.


It's cold outside and you’ll want your living room to exude warmth. Winter is the perfect time to cozy up your couch, so go wild with texture on both pillows and throws. If you have some cash saved up, try investing in a really great faux fur throw, as it will add such a warm feeling to your space. For a really bold look to really transform your room, pick a single color scheme (such as white) and then cover your whole couch with pillows in that hue, but of various sizes and textures.


Spring is very much a transitional time of year -- the frigid air of winter still hangs in the air as flowers begin to burst with color outside. This is also a transitional period for your living room. Bring a bit of color inside and mix it with a few of your wintery pieces such as a faux fur pillow, cable knit pillow or throw. If you really don’t want to spend more money on more pillows or throws (that's ok!), add a few of your summer pieces in with your wintery items. Finally, use a basket at the end of the couch to hold a lighter throw blanket for those warmer spring nights.

By changing up your couch, you will breathe fresh air into your living room each season. Making small changes can really transform your whole space.