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Pinterest Fails: We tried to DIY three holiday wreaths

When you look up "Christmas wreaths DIY" on Pinterest, thousands of ultra-cute, professional-looking crafts fill your screen. It seems like the perfect time of year to brew up some hot chocolate and bust out the craft supplies, So, after scouring Pinterest for some inspiration, we raided two Dollar Trees for crafting supplies and set out to make some cute seasonal wreathes. The results were... mixed, to say the least. Here's how to learn from our victories and failures.

We all started with a basic 15-inch wreath, but from there the designs diverged wildly.

The Flamingo Wreath

There are some really adorable pink wreathes on Pinterest and most of them are made with pink feather boas. Since the ones at Dollar Tree were a little thin, our managing editor Laura Wainman wrapped two of them around her wreathe. The secret to a good-looking wreath is a lot of fluffy material and two feather boas definitely wasn't enough, even for a small wreath - artificial evergreen was still sticking out, like a shedding Christmas flamingo. To make things a little more eye-catching, she added in glittery gold flowers and a beaded garland made from children's party favors. In an effort to salvage the wreath, she added on three Christmas bulbs that we'd filled with glittering, shredded paper from the gift wrap aisle.

Overall, the results were a little droopy, but not a bad decor choice for an ugly Christmas sweater party.

The Rustic Christmas Wreath

We called this wreath "rustic" because the ribbon has burlap - like so many Pinterest crafts. Do people just have burlap laying around? In any case, our assistant editor Tina Irizarry fluffed up her wreathe with a garland, tucking the ends into the wreath's wire frame. She then wrapped the wreathe in the burlap-and-lace ribbon, securing the bow with a paper clip. She also looped her glittering center ornament onto the paperclip and let it hang. The result was understated and surprisingly good looking, considering that, including all the materials, the wreath cost a grand total of $4. The key is keeping your color scheme very minimal and consistent throughout with one big centerpiece.

The Poinsettia Wreath

I wandered around Dollar Tree for at least 45 minutes before deciding to scoop up four bunches of artificial poinsettias. The stems were wire and snapped fairly easily after twisting and bending them a few times. I left about 2" of artificial stem, which was then wrapped around the metal wreath. The secret to making this project look fancy was keeping the flowers fluffy by layering them so there wasn't a lot of the original wreath visible. Although breaking off the poinsettias is a little labor intensive without wire cutters, it took less than half an hour to make and could easily be done in 15 minutes with the correct supplies.