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RoamFitness is located behind security. (Image: Courtesy RoamFitness)

Fitness on the Fly: A look at BWI's RoamFitness gym

Airports aren’t typically associated with health and wellness. Travel days can mean you’re out of your routine, you’re sitting for long periods of time and you’re probably eating junk food at the airport. It’s like the day doesn’t count. Does this sound familiar? Fortunately, the airport and travel game is changing. The folks behind RoamFitness, the first airport gym, are bringing a new world of wellness to travel days. Instead of being a wasted day, RoamFitness, gives you the resources to make the most of it.

RoamFitness recently opened their first location in BWI. Working out at the airport might seem like a tricky concept, considering travel is full of logistics, but RoamFitness has a lot of that figured out for you.

The gym is located behind security in the D/E connector. If you’re flying out of terminals A/B/C this will be more challenging; you’ll need to go through security twice if you want to workout before your flight.

Once you get to the space, RoamFitness has all the details figured out, so you won’t even need to open up your suitcase. RoamFitness will outfit you with complimentary rental Lululemon gear and shoes and provides towel service and everything you need to shower and get ready for your flight. The only thing you need to supply are socks. Lockers are power-equipped to charge while you workout. RoamFitness has its own Wifi and two flight status boards.

As for your workout, the space has cardio machines, strength equipment and a stretching area. There are even workout guidance cards available if you need some inspiration.

As you leave, take a healthy meal with you. For an additional charge, RoamFitness offers grab-and-go pre-cooked healthy meals, like lean beef chili, spinach and mushroom omelets, southwestern quinoa chicken bowls and more. Add a kombucha and you’re set to go.

Since its opening, travelers have been utilizing the space before their flights, when they land, or on long layovers. RoamFitness is also a great option after a red eye. Travelers have been known to use it just for the shower before heading straight to a meeting in D.C.

The goal of RoamFitness is to give people the space they need to take care of themselves on what otherwise may be considered a day of sitting around and sometimes a bit of stress. If you find yourself with extra time at the airport, make the most of it with a visit to RoamFitness.

A 24 hour pass is $25 and can be used multiple times within that 24 hour period. Priority Pass holders and military receive a special discount.

What’s next: RoamFitness has been awarded a bid for SFO in terminal 2. They plan to open three more domestic locations in 2018, and hope to have 20 locations open within five years, including international locations.